Tuesday, December 16, 2008

the telemarketer

Sometimes the dark overtakes me and after a telemarketer calls me, has a shitty pitch and then says she doesn’t care about her job performance as I explain that I was not impressed by her pitch or attitude, I speak with her supervisor and tell them that I want her disciplined with me on speaker phone shouting encouragement, maybe joining in or leading the session as some sort of tutorial. When the supervisor tells me it won’t happen as it’s not company policy to discipline employees in front of others like some public flogging which I’m dying to be a part of because I believe this motherfucker deserves to suffer a bit, not because she’s a low skill telemarketer, but because she has the attitude of someone who has ascended the ranks of the world, I ask for his supervisor who confirms the first supervisor’s message and tell her that I will rain sulfuric acid down on their shitty trade publication for not listening to me. This is justice. This is the blood that I demand on the streets daily and that torment me constantly. Why doesn’t anyone understand? Why Am I so right and everyone so wrong that I’m made to feel as if I have a problem?

My boss overhears me on the verge of punching through the window with a mix of rage, and excitement- all worked up for what I want to witness and tells me I’m wrong: “i dunno... just seems like belitting a low-level telemarkert is like kicking someone when their down”

And I explain, it’s the only way anyone will ever learn. Attrition.

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