Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Mothers use bullshit scare tactics around the holidays.

As I was “walking off” my jog at the indoor track within my recreation center a young, maybe 5 year old, child was running aimlessly as a 5 year old will around the entrance, stretch, rest area. He wasn’t mis-behaving in any real way, just not obeying his mother who was saying it was time to leave.

After her second remark she began threatening him, telling him she was going to call Santa and tell him not to come this year. After another attempt- come on, he’s five and sure he needs to learn to listen, this was bullshit- she literally pulled out her phone and in her bitchy pathetic voice said “that’s it, I’m calling him right now” as if Santa even existed this cunt would have been given his number. The child began crying and came down, suddenly obedient at the threat of lost toys (I should probably hate him for being a materialistic little brat but I have some leniency on occasion).

She then put her phone away and continued walking. I, desperate to break the so-called rule that you can never tell a mother how to raise her kid but lazy in realizing it would just fall on retarded, defensive ears , had to literally fight the urge to approach her, take her phone and throw it at either her or the wall and explain to the kid that his mother was a lying bitch, that he should never trust her again, and that she wanted a child more to accessorize her lifestyle and kill the emptiness inside her than to actually create a human life.

I just kept walking, then did leg-lifts.


  1. How do we know the difference between an anonymous commentor and the actual author?

  2. I suppose you don't unless it has my logo on it.

  3. well either way, I think this post was pretty awesome. More than the others, which were just kinda typical self-loathing dude. I hate these kind of people as well.