Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The case for hookers; market equity, part 2.

(2:14:48 PM) Friend: well and in these mobile times, u cant escape from an email anywhere... so they could in theory work around the clock, depending on stamina

(2:19:50 PM) Anonymous Public: they're on commission and/or entrepenuers. the more they work, the more they earn. That's what makes America the land of opportunity in comparison to democratic socialist Europe. You hook daily for 2 years without a coke problem, you JUST might earn enough to invest in something that will not just get out of hooking, but send you right into a position superior to us working stiffs if you handle it Right.

(2:32:59 PM) Friend: yeah, but if you’re hooked on anything other than sex, youll waste your earnings away in time

(2:33:26 PM) Anonymous Public: Well yeah, but I mean, hookers have a chance to save $ and do well

(2:35:22 PM) Friend: oohh yeah for sure

(2:47:00 PM) Anonymous Public : Most don’t, but that's their problem. Like most great possibilities, they're good but then people just fuck em up. Even if your average suburban type chick who was cute just started like sleeping with one dude a night, not even multiples, for even as low as $200, that's $1000 a week if you work 5 days a week.

(2:50:55 PM) Friend: yeah thats crazy... but most then spend 2k a week on coke or heroin

(2:51:13 PM) Anonymous Public: Yeah well that's bad fiscal policy like any corporation can suffer from. See, a lot go into hooking cuz they have the drug habit. I suggest you get into hooking cuz it's great $ and then ball later.
(2:52:08 PM) Friend: hahahaha

(2:52:13 PM) Anonymous Public: forget the drugs, it's good biz. Half these girls who are going to school to be hair stylists should just start charging the guys they fuck instead of accepting vodka redbulls as flattery

(2:58:10 PM) Friend: u would have to look real good for that... otherwise theres always a free goodd looking broad somewhere around

(2:59:41 PM) Anonymous Public : none of em are ever free

(3:00:17 PM) Friend: good point

The case for hookers; market equity.

(1:57:46 PM) Anonymous Public: Sadly with women the logical path to a goal seems to not lead to achieving it; you have to employ all sorts of intentional trickery that seems to defuse the goal such that you can end up there seemingly by accident, serendipitously- which is what they want as they distrust agendas that do not involve marriage, the only "real" agenda.

As an aside, what was intriguing about the hooker idea is that I've always thought with women or anything, it should be like applying for a college or job. You're qualified, you get interviewed, you do well, you get in...and I am very good at interviews and have impeccable records. Now, barring the claim that handling girls’ retardedness is one of the "on the job skills" necessary, and it could be in terms of a relationship that is not based on an honest willing to-do-business, I fulfill other pre-requisites to be accepted on an intellectual and otherwise level. Ergo, you can earn sex in a direct economic fashion, which isn’t the case in the real world, but IS in the context of turning sex into a direct transaction as you do with a hooker.

(2:01:21 PM) Friend: hahahaha its similar... the hooker idea does get better and better each day hahaha

(2:02:07) Anonymous Public: It's getting what you earn by virtue of direct payment. It's business as you conduct business with everything else. You have $6? You've earned Chipotle should you want it. And as it's a market economy, you can go get it during their operating hours.

(2:05:49 PM) friend: hahaha operating hours.... love that

(2:07:42 PM) Anonymous Public: Chipotle has em...hookers are more wide open with their hours...good for them, accommodate your customer base

Monday, December 29, 2008

"Girls are Growing up too fast"

The problem is, if we tell them that there's more to life than their value as sexual object, we're still lying. This is a can't win.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Beauty Contests

(11:41:20 AM) friend: oohh bitches

(11:45:07 AM) PublicAnonymous: I cant lie, that's awesome. And ya know what? Not to be a dick but it's kinda fitting hahaha. Like an accurate portrayal. It’d be funny if they included "Ms Pakistan will be one of the most sought after women in her country after this, but also considered a whore"

(12:12:15 PM) friend: hahaha why?

(12:12:30 PM) PublicAnonymous: well cuz we know $ means beauty so it's fitting that a beauty contest competitor is linked to shady shit. I'd bet miss Azerbaijan's father is a way shady oil man. Miss Saudi as well. Ms. America is from a family of corporate raiders that own sweatshops. Miss Columbia has family in the coke game or owns a coffee plantation where people die daily from the work conditions. I just think it's funny…Ms Russia's dad was KGB

Merry Christmas

Jesus was a fag and i hope you all have a terrible fucking Christmas...I'm hoping at least a few of you die in black ice related car accidents. Dicks...

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

morning breath

When I awoke this morning the flavor in my mouth was as if brushed my teeth and then spent all lastnight eating pussy without re-brushing.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Honestly, I can’t see how anyone without a toned abdominal section doesn’t hate themselves…

At the gym on Friday, an obese man would not stay in the aisle of lockers we shared while I dried off. Not only did he awkwardly leave the aisle, he even more awkwardly closed his locker from behind the corner, essentially using one finger so he wouldn’t have to re-enter the aisle at all. I didn’t realize I was so disgusting or uncomfortable to be around…

This tells me that this man was either deeply insecure with himself and felt like projecting his self-loathing or is in some sort of denial with regards to his orientation. Either way, fuck you obese man for even making me have to think about it. Even while your people hemorrhage our national health care system with all of your needs, I try to not hate you for the scum that in many ways you are, yet you have to awkwardly vacate the premises while I simply wish to dry off and put my clothes back on and make me think something’s wrong. Fuck you, you should be starved and beaten until you lose weight.

Honestly, I can’t see how anyone without a toned abdominal section doesn’t hate themselves…maybe that is the case.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Stunning and Dirty

Premise: ...and at 5:39 pm on a Friday you end up alone at the office and think, "Why the fuck am I not jerking off at my desk?"

Hint: Youporn; Aneta Keys is Stunning and Dirty.

Conclusion: Best idea I've had all day.

Re-claiming the youthful body

It hits me as soon as I walk in the door and I am immediately in a rage; the only good looking women at the gym are 17, or at least in high school (because here once you pass 22 you HAVE to engorge yourself and become disgusting if you’re a woman).

I see the twits these girls are dating, also dumbass high school kids and nearly lose it. These boys know nothing about fucking and should be sharpening their skills in the flesh game with the swollen, marshmallowy bodies of the mid-late 20’s cows around here that are desperate to get married but will never marry the “man of their dreams” because they’ve already gone over the line and lost their edge but instead of actually doing anything to take it back they’ll just bitch about men and life and sink deeper into a dis-satisfied desperation. Conversely, I should be teaching these girls about their organs, savoring and running my tongue across their soft but firm young and newly developed bodies, letting their dripping just out of adolescent pussies cascade over my mouth.

But I don’t just want to fuck them, possess them, mentor them. I want to also teach them a lesson, maybe not scar them for life, but at least leave a bruise or solid memory; that when they thought it’d be fun and they could handle playing “not that innocent” there was something much darker lurking and waiting for the best time to strike, and take advantage, ripping away the safety net of suburban society and the education system they cling to in their juvenile game-playing. Show them that they are not what they see themselves as being, just a fabrication they see on television.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

inside joke

some friends of mine were discussing an inside joke via e-mail. I didn't know anything about it and they were more or less flaunting my ignorance so as i started to feel left out i began to ask questions that might help enlighten me but before anyone could respond I realized:

Wait, i've lost interest because nothing funny or interesting ever happens if i'm not already involved in it...

p.s. I get that perhaps you're sticking to the theme of the site but only getting a few anonymous comments is less than acceptable.

all that matters in this world.

The world is run by short, fat, bald men who are so unhappy with themselves that they must seek out wealth and power while less financially successful individuals can actually enjoy their lives, because all that matters is appearance in this world.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Mothers use bullshit scare tactics around the holidays.

As I was “walking off” my jog at the indoor track within my recreation center a young, maybe 5 year old, child was running aimlessly as a 5 year old will around the entrance, stretch, rest area. He wasn’t mis-behaving in any real way, just not obeying his mother who was saying it was time to leave.

After her second remark she began threatening him, telling him she was going to call Santa and tell him not to come this year. After another attempt- come on, he’s five and sure he needs to learn to listen, this was bullshit- she literally pulled out her phone and in her bitchy pathetic voice said “that’s it, I’m calling him right now” as if Santa even existed this cunt would have been given his number. The child began crying and came down, suddenly obedient at the threat of lost toys (I should probably hate him for being a materialistic little brat but I have some leniency on occasion).

She then put her phone away and continued walking. I, desperate to break the so-called rule that you can never tell a mother how to raise her kid but lazy in realizing it would just fall on retarded, defensive ears , had to literally fight the urge to approach her, take her phone and throw it at either her or the wall and explain to the kid that his mother was a lying bitch, that he should never trust her again, and that she wanted a child more to accessorize her lifestyle and kill the emptiness inside her than to actually create a human life.

I just kept walking, then did leg-lifts.

the telemarketer

Sometimes the dark overtakes me and after a telemarketer calls me, has a shitty pitch and then says she doesn’t care about her job performance as I explain that I was not impressed by her pitch or attitude, I speak with her supervisor and tell them that I want her disciplined with me on speaker phone shouting encouragement, maybe joining in or leading the session as some sort of tutorial. When the supervisor tells me it won’t happen as it’s not company policy to discipline employees in front of others like some public flogging which I’m dying to be a part of because I believe this motherfucker deserves to suffer a bit, not because she’s a low skill telemarketer, but because she has the attitude of someone who has ascended the ranks of the world, I ask for his supervisor who confirms the first supervisor’s message and tell her that I will rain sulfuric acid down on their shitty trade publication for not listening to me. This is justice. This is the blood that I demand on the streets daily and that torment me constantly. Why doesn’t anyone understand? Why Am I so right and everyone so wrong that I’m made to feel as if I have a problem?

My boss overhears me on the verge of punching through the window with a mix of rage, and excitement- all worked up for what I want to witness and tells me I’m wrong: “i dunno... just seems like belitting a low-level telemarkert is like kicking someone when their down”

And I explain, it’s the only way anyone will ever learn. Attrition.

Ugly girls

I suppose I should first say that I really was fighting hard to not want to post this as I know it’s somewhat terrible-see conversation below- but the amazing anonymity it presents (for you, not me) and the sociological ramifications thereof are just too much too handle. Moving forward now with my decision I should also mention that before coffee on the drive to work I tend to be a bit cranky, I consider it a form of withdrawal and thus it minimizes my personal responsibility for my actions. It’s not that I actually think anything that you’re about to read, it’s that I was merely the catalyst and bearing witness to this fell into my lap- a form of playing Devil’s Advocate. So I’m doing this for science.

So on the road this morning I saw 3 if not 4 unattractive young ladies wearing those giant Hollywood-esque sunglasses that are so popular currently and have been for the past few years and they had that “bitch I’m hot shit look on their face.” And it bothered me, it could have been the lack of coffee the fact that we’re in Cleveland, one of the least glamorous cities in the country, or that my equivalent would be wearing Affliction t-shirts, Chanel or Armani Exchange dogtags, getting shitty tribal tattoos and pretending to be an ultimate fighter, like some sort of godamned clubland Braveheart without actually having to fight…ever. After the third occurrence I reached for my phone and impulsively as well as compulsively (I know the difference, thanks) texted approximately 13 guys:

“Yo I HATE ugly girls jumping on the fashion bandwagon and wearing giant Hollywood shades, like that makes them hot shit”
and throughout the day today have received the following responses (anonymity enforced to protect the guilty):

No less than 4 identical responses from different people “I hate ugly girls”

“It doesn’t. Big glasses hide ugly faces. Misplace your hand on her skank face with force”

“hahahahaha I really hate ugly girls”

“ugh, I hate that too”

“haha yeah sunglasses are reserved for hot girls and they are tricking me otherwise. I do love a chick with some shades on though”

“You cant tell what they look like because of the shades. Just like fat chicks with the leis in their car window. You look and are pissed a fat chick is driving”

Notes from Saturday night, part 3

Later while speaking in Spanish to a friend, the girl with a dumb nickname sarcastically remarks "ok, I get it, you speak Spanish, that's sooo cool." I told her I would never speak to her again and she seemed indifferent.

We ended up fucking later on.

There's a rumor that she occasionally does heroin.

Notes from Saturday night, part 2

I told this girl with a dumb nickname, a shortened form of her decent first name, looks freakishly similar to my ex-girlfriend. She asked if she should take this as a compliment and I, already bored with my own comment and attempt at conversation, replied that I was shallow so...

Notes from Saturday night

Every cute girl who was at the venue where mostly shitty local bands played looked like someone I've already slept with.