Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Beauty Contests

(11:41:20 AM) friend: oohh bitches

(11:45:07 AM) PublicAnonymous: I cant lie, that's awesome. And ya know what? Not to be a dick but it's kinda fitting hahaha. Like an accurate portrayal. It’d be funny if they included "Ms Pakistan will be one of the most sought after women in her country after this, but also considered a whore"

(12:12:15 PM) friend: hahaha why?

(12:12:30 PM) PublicAnonymous: well cuz we know $ means beauty so it's fitting that a beauty contest competitor is linked to shady shit. I'd bet miss Azerbaijan's father is a way shady oil man. Miss Saudi as well. Ms. America is from a family of corporate raiders that own sweatshops. Miss Columbia has family in the coke game or owns a coffee plantation where people die daily from the work conditions. I just think it's funny…Ms Russia's dad was KGB

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