Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The case for hookers; market equity.

(1:57:46 PM) Anonymous Public: Sadly with women the logical path to a goal seems to not lead to achieving it; you have to employ all sorts of intentional trickery that seems to defuse the goal such that you can end up there seemingly by accident, serendipitously- which is what they want as they distrust agendas that do not involve marriage, the only "real" agenda.

As an aside, what was intriguing about the hooker idea is that I've always thought with women or anything, it should be like applying for a college or job. You're qualified, you get interviewed, you do well, you get in...and I am very good at interviews and have impeccable records. Now, barring the claim that handling girls’ retardedness is one of the "on the job skills" necessary, and it could be in terms of a relationship that is not based on an honest willing to-do-business, I fulfill other pre-requisites to be accepted on an intellectual and otherwise level. Ergo, you can earn sex in a direct economic fashion, which isn’t the case in the real world, but IS in the context of turning sex into a direct transaction as you do with a hooker.

(2:01:21 PM) Friend: hahahaha its similar... the hooker idea does get better and better each day hahaha

(2:02:07) Anonymous Public: It's getting what you earn by virtue of direct payment. It's business as you conduct business with everything else. You have $6? You've earned Chipotle should you want it. And as it's a market economy, you can go get it during their operating hours.

(2:05:49 PM) friend: hahaha operating hours.... love that

(2:07:42 PM) Anonymous Public: Chipotle has em...hookers are more wide open with their hours...good for them, accommodate your customer base

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  1. fair points all around. not pleasant, but un-deniably valid.