Friday, February 20, 2009

Worst blowjob ever

Anonymous Public : worst blowjob ever lastnight

Friend : ohohh yeah i saw, she bite?

Anonymous Public: no, her hand and mouth felt the same! How is that physiologically possible?

Friend : hahaha what??? like she had blisters, or dry mouth?? how can her mouth and hand feel the same?? sweaty hands??

Anonymous Public: dry mouth. like she was jerking me off for a sec and it was bad and awkward as a handjob tends to be and then she went down and started sucking and there was no difference

Friend : oohh man, thats doesnt suck...

Friend : hahah get it…im awesome

Anonymous Public: i wonder if she pulled some Criss Angel illusion shit and actuallynever put her mouth on it and then saved up saliva as cum and spit it into her empty smoothie cup...
Friend : she didnt swollow either?? ohh man, terrible!!

Anonymous Public: no. I dont mind a spitter especially if they're resourceful. i thought it was funny when she spit it into her smoothie cup

Friend: jajajaja, well it was a smothie then

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

This has all just been revelry

Anonymous Public: if i were capable of friendliness without sex being a motivation, my life might be easier or more pleasant or something

Friend:or less likely to lead straight to hell.

Anonymous Public: that's been a given since i burned a bible at 18. This has just been revelry cuz the why fuck not when the plane's going down..

Friday, January 2, 2009


As my new year’s eve “date” and I have only known each other a week, our first kiss was a New Year’s kiss, and I’m obviously a gentlemen, I told her at 2:30 I had to go and didn’t push idea of “after hours” at my place or any other bullshit and promptly met up with an old fuck-buddy who had called me around 1:30 asking if she could crash at my place.

Mid sex I told her I had syphilis and she got freaked out. Her being freaked out made me laugh so much that I told her I HAD to text my guy friends about it because it was so funny. Then, I texted about 8 of them right in front of her about it.


Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The case for hookers; market equity, part 2.

(2:14:48 PM) Friend: well and in these mobile times, u cant escape from an email anywhere... so they could in theory work around the clock, depending on stamina

(2:19:50 PM) Anonymous Public: they're on commission and/or entrepenuers. the more they work, the more they earn. That's what makes America the land of opportunity in comparison to democratic socialist Europe. You hook daily for 2 years without a coke problem, you JUST might earn enough to invest in something that will not just get out of hooking, but send you right into a position superior to us working stiffs if you handle it Right.

(2:32:59 PM) Friend: yeah, but if you’re hooked on anything other than sex, youll waste your earnings away in time

(2:33:26 PM) Anonymous Public: Well yeah, but I mean, hookers have a chance to save $ and do well

(2:35:22 PM) Friend: oohh yeah for sure

(2:47:00 PM) Anonymous Public : Most don’t, but that's their problem. Like most great possibilities, they're good but then people just fuck em up. Even if your average suburban type chick who was cute just started like sleeping with one dude a night, not even multiples, for even as low as $200, that's $1000 a week if you work 5 days a week.

(2:50:55 PM) Friend: yeah thats crazy... but most then spend 2k a week on coke or heroin

(2:51:13 PM) Anonymous Public: Yeah well that's bad fiscal policy like any corporation can suffer from. See, a lot go into hooking cuz they have the drug habit. I suggest you get into hooking cuz it's great $ and then ball later.
(2:52:08 PM) Friend: hahahaha

(2:52:13 PM) Anonymous Public: forget the drugs, it's good biz. Half these girls who are going to school to be hair stylists should just start charging the guys they fuck instead of accepting vodka redbulls as flattery

(2:58:10 PM) Friend: u would have to look real good for that... otherwise theres always a free goodd looking broad somewhere around

(2:59:41 PM) Anonymous Public : none of em are ever free

(3:00:17 PM) Friend: good point

The case for hookers; market equity.

(1:57:46 PM) Anonymous Public: Sadly with women the logical path to a goal seems to not lead to achieving it; you have to employ all sorts of intentional trickery that seems to defuse the goal such that you can end up there seemingly by accident, serendipitously- which is what they want as they distrust agendas that do not involve marriage, the only "real" agenda.

As an aside, what was intriguing about the hooker idea is that I've always thought with women or anything, it should be like applying for a college or job. You're qualified, you get interviewed, you do well, you get in...and I am very good at interviews and have impeccable records. Now, barring the claim that handling girls’ retardedness is one of the "on the job skills" necessary, and it could be in terms of a relationship that is not based on an honest willing to-do-business, I fulfill other pre-requisites to be accepted on an intellectual and otherwise level. Ergo, you can earn sex in a direct economic fashion, which isn’t the case in the real world, but IS in the context of turning sex into a direct transaction as you do with a hooker.

(2:01:21 PM) Friend: hahahaha its similar... the hooker idea does get better and better each day hahaha

(2:02:07) Anonymous Public: It's getting what you earn by virtue of direct payment. It's business as you conduct business with everything else. You have $6? You've earned Chipotle should you want it. And as it's a market economy, you can go get it during their operating hours.

(2:05:49 PM) friend: hahaha operating hours.... love that

(2:07:42 PM) Anonymous Public: Chipotle has em...hookers are more wide open with their hours...good for them, accommodate your customer base

Monday, December 29, 2008

"Girls are Growing up too fast"

The problem is, if we tell them that there's more to life than their value as sexual object, we're still lying. This is a can't win.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Beauty Contests

(11:41:20 AM) friend: oohh bitches

(11:45:07 AM) PublicAnonymous: I cant lie, that's awesome. And ya know what? Not to be a dick but it's kinda fitting hahaha. Like an accurate portrayal. It’d be funny if they included "Ms Pakistan will be one of the most sought after women in her country after this, but also considered a whore"

(12:12:15 PM) friend: hahaha why?

(12:12:30 PM) PublicAnonymous: well cuz we know $ means beauty so it's fitting that a beauty contest competitor is linked to shady shit. I'd bet miss Azerbaijan's father is a way shady oil man. Miss Saudi as well. Ms. America is from a family of corporate raiders that own sweatshops. Miss Columbia has family in the coke game or owns a coffee plantation where people die daily from the work conditions. I just think it's funny…Ms Russia's dad was KGB