Friday, February 20, 2009

Worst blowjob ever

Anonymous Public : worst blowjob ever lastnight

Friend : ohohh yeah i saw, she bite?

Anonymous Public: no, her hand and mouth felt the same! How is that physiologically possible?

Friend : hahaha what??? like she had blisters, or dry mouth?? how can her mouth and hand feel the same?? sweaty hands??

Anonymous Public: dry mouth. like she was jerking me off for a sec and it was bad and awkward as a handjob tends to be and then she went down and started sucking and there was no difference

Friend : oohh man, thats doesnt suck...

Friend : hahah get it…im awesome

Anonymous Public: i wonder if she pulled some Criss Angel illusion shit and actuallynever put her mouth on it and then saved up saliva as cum and spit it into her empty smoothie cup...
Friend : she didnt swollow either?? ohh man, terrible!!

Anonymous Public: no. I dont mind a spitter especially if they're resourceful. i thought it was funny when she spit it into her smoothie cup

Friend: jajajaja, well it was a smothie then