Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The case for hookers; market equity, part 2.

(2:14:48 PM) Friend: well and in these mobile times, u cant escape from an email anywhere... so they could in theory work around the clock, depending on stamina

(2:19:50 PM) Anonymous Public: they're on commission and/or entrepenuers. the more they work, the more they earn. That's what makes America the land of opportunity in comparison to democratic socialist Europe. You hook daily for 2 years without a coke problem, you JUST might earn enough to invest in something that will not just get out of hooking, but send you right into a position superior to us working stiffs if you handle it Right.

(2:32:59 PM) Friend: yeah, but if you’re hooked on anything other than sex, youll waste your earnings away in time

(2:33:26 PM) Anonymous Public: Well yeah, but I mean, hookers have a chance to save $ and do well

(2:35:22 PM) Friend: oohh yeah for sure

(2:47:00 PM) Anonymous Public : Most don’t, but that's their problem. Like most great possibilities, they're good but then people just fuck em up. Even if your average suburban type chick who was cute just started like sleeping with one dude a night, not even multiples, for even as low as $200, that's $1000 a week if you work 5 days a week.

(2:50:55 PM) Friend: yeah thats crazy... but most then spend 2k a week on coke or heroin

(2:51:13 PM) Anonymous Public: Yeah well that's bad fiscal policy like any corporation can suffer from. See, a lot go into hooking cuz they have the drug habit. I suggest you get into hooking cuz it's great $ and then ball later.
(2:52:08 PM) Friend: hahahaha

(2:52:13 PM) Anonymous Public: forget the drugs, it's good biz. Half these girls who are going to school to be hair stylists should just start charging the guys they fuck instead of accepting vodka redbulls as flattery

(2:58:10 PM) Friend: u would have to look real good for that... otherwise theres always a free goodd looking broad somewhere around

(2:59:41 PM) Anonymous Public : none of em are ever free

(3:00:17 PM) Friend: good point

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